Community Workshops


Want more clarity about ADHD topics?

Are you a school, community group, or parent group looking for education and support in the realm of ADHD?

I offer PRIVATE workshops for organizations at competitive rates. You can connect with me for a FREE consultation to discuss options and pricing!

Community Workshops

If you are an organization and you would like to book a private workshop, connect with Erica for a free consultation to discuss workshop options and pricing.

Pricing fluctuates based on location, number of participants and length of workshop.

If there is a topic in the realm of ADHD, parenting, and behavior that is not listed below, connect with Erica as custom options are available.

For Parents

Community Workshops

Understanding and Supporting ADHD for Parents: Develop understanding and empathy as we deep dive into the ADHD brain. We will focus on understanding the why behind the challenges that children with ADHD face in 3 key areas of executive functioning, overwhelm, and motivation. Then we will focus on how to implement research based strategies to support your child on their journey to thriving with ADHD. This workshop includes interactive exercises and lots of time for parents to ask all of their burning questions. This offering can be customized in length from 90 minutes to half day or full day options and is available in person or online. A variety of add on special topics are available for this workshop including anxiety, demand avoidance, and sleep.

Parenting in the Digital Age: This workshop is designed for all parents, not just ADHD parents. This topic is a hot topic in our current digital world. Develop understanding, awareness, and confidence navigating parenthood through our current digital age. Together we will dive into topics such as the neurological challenges of combining development with screens, the positive side of the digital age, safety issues, making a screen time plan based on the age and stage of the child, and the unique challenges of smartphones. This offering is 90 minutes long, includes a time for parents to ask questions, and is available in person or online.

For Educators

Workshops for Educators

Erica offers 90-minute, half-day, and full-day workshops and webinars for educators, covering two core concepts:

Understanding the ADHD brain for Educators: Dive deep into the ADHD brain to foster understanding and empathy. This workshop helps educators understand the reasons behind behaviours, recognize what executive dysfunction looks like, and appreciate the personal impact of living with ADHD. By gaining this insight, educators can support ADHD students proactively, leading to strengthened student-teacher relationships.

Supporting ADHD in the Classroom: Learn how to apply understanding, adaptations, and inclusive strategies to help children of all ages thrive in the classroom. This workshop teaches educators to create basic escalation plans, implement the most effective adaptations sustainably, prevent challenging behaviors, and use calming strategies for students of all ages. Teachers will leave with practical tools to create a supportive and inclusive classroom environment.

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a little about Erica...

Erica Neilson Mahoney is a speaker and expert who loves to deliver workshops directly to any interested participants as well as privately for organizations, schools (for parents or teachers), and businesses. She is an educator, coach, and a parent. Erica combines her ADHD coaching certification and training with over a decade spent as an educator, a Master of Education degree, and specialized training and experience as a school based behaviour specialist.

She offers digital Zoom workshops or in-person sessions depending on location.

Sixty-minute, 90-minute, half-day, and full day options are available.