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If you are an organization and you would like to book a private workshop, connect with Erica for a free consultation to discuss workshop options and pricing. Pricing fluctuates based on location, number of participants and length of workshop.

If there is a topic in the realm of ADHD, parenting, and behaviour that is not listed below, connect with Erica as custom options are available.

Workshop Topics:

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Workshops for Parents

Understanding and Supporting ADHD for Parents: Develop understanding and empathy as we deep dive into the ADHD brain. We will focus on understanding the why behind the challenges that children with ADHD face in 3 key areas of executive functioning, overwhelm, and motivation. Then we will focus on how to implement research based strategies to support your child on their journey to thriving with ADHD.

Parenting in the Digital Age: Develop understanding, awareness, and confidence navigating parenthood through our current digital age. Together we will dive into topics such as the neurological challenges of combining development with screens, the positive side of the digital age, safety issues, making a screen time plan based on the age and stage of the child, and the unique challenges of smartphones.

Managing Meltdowns: Learn the basics of child-centered meltdown prevention and management. Discover the difference between Meltdowns and Tantrums and learn strategies for prevention, what to do mid-meltdown, and how to stay calm and support your child before, during, and after a meltdown.

Workshops for Educators

Understanding the ADHD brain for Educators: Dive deep into the ADHD brain to create understanding and empathy and then learn the basic framework for supporting your students with ADHD. Participants walk away with a research based list of the best adaptations for students with ADHD.

Supporting ADHD in the Classroom: How we can apply understanding, adaptations, and inclusive strategies to support children of all ages to thrive in the classroom. In this workshop teachers will learn how to create basic escalation plans, how to prevent many challenging behaviours, calm down strategies for students of all ages, and more.


Custom workshops are available by request, including options for workplaces that are interested in professional development to support diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Erica Neilson Mahoney is a speaker and expert who loves to deliver workshops directly to any interested participants as well as privately for organizations, schools (for parents or teachers), and businesses. She is an educator, coach, and a parent. Erica combines her ADHD coaching certification and training with over a decade spent as an educator, a Master of Education degree, and specialized training and experience as a school based behaviour specialist.

She offers digital Zoom workshops or in-person sessions depending on location.

Sixty-minute, 90-minute, half-day, and full day options are available.

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Participant Feedback from Previous Workshops:

“Very well done. The host was fantastic and very easy to follow”

“The presentation was easy to follow and well thought out.”

“I loved learning the difference between tantrums and meltdowns, and how to address them both accordingly.”

“I like the clear definitions of behaviours as it helps to remind myself (in the moment) of what my kids need from me or what they are trying to communicate.”

“I loved developing a deeper understanding of the ADHD brain. I think this will help me to better understand my son’s behaviour”

“I appreciated the concrete steps of what to do and how to stay calm in the face of challenging behaviour from my child.”

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The investment is individualised to each school, community group, or agency. Duration, group size, and custom requests are key pricing factors.

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