Supporting ADHD at School e-Book

Information and Strategies to Support Motivation, Executive Functioning, and Overwhelm

Confidently communicate about ADHD and how it impacts your child at school to the educators, coaches, and mentors who teach your child.

Parents are often thrown into school meetings whether they are parent teacher meetings or IEP meetings knowing that their child is struggling, but unsure of what to ask for in the way of supports, strategies, and accommodations. This book is a printable tool that you can take with you to these meetings.

With Supporting ADHD at School  You Will:

  • Feel confident communicating with your child’s school and advocating for supports and strategies that work for ADHD.
  • Learn the how and why in addition to the what when asking for support.
  • Learn why executive functioning, motivation, and overwhelm can be so difficult for children with ADHD in a school setting.

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By helping your child and your child’s teacher support their executive functions, build motivation, and reduce overwhelm you will help your child gain confidence and find success at school.

This e-Book is an Introduction to ADHD at School

We will build understanding of the 3 core areas of impact: Executive Functioning, Motivation, and Overwhelm. Followed by targeted strategies to support each area.

I have included my favourite tried and true strategies to request on learning plans and IEPs. These strategies have been tested by the hundreds of children and teens that I have worked with.

There is a step by step break down of how to work with your child’s teacher to set up a plan for your child to take movement breaks.

You will also learn the basics of escalation planning if your child struggles with either external (meltdowns) or internal (anxiety and panic attacks) escalations.

Within the Pages of Supporting ADHD at School You Will Find

Topics and Information such as:

  • ADHD as it relates to:
    • Executive Functioning
    • Motivation
    • Overwhelm
  • The Three Pillars of Support
  • Favorite Overall Strategies
  • Additional Strategies
  • Creating an Escalation Plan
  • and More!

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School and ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is defined as a neurological disorder. What we know about ADHD is that individuals with ADHD are typically smart, creative, problem solvers. They also have a brain that is wired differently. The differences in the ADHD brain make things like focus, executive functions, self control, and regulating emotions more challenging.

adult and child doing schoolwork

The biggest key to supporting children with ADHD is remembering that many of the behaviours that these children display are not intentional. They are symptoms not behavioural choices. Starting to create a shift in mindset can be transformative for parents, teachers, and children. Children that are frequently blamed and shamed for behaviours they didn’t mean to do in the first place are more likely to lose the motivation to keep trying to manage their executive functioning challenges. This leads to lying, explosive behaviour, anxiety, low-self esteem, depression, emotional meltdowns and more. The biggest impact anyone can have on a child with ADHD is building a connection, treating ADHD symptoms as symptoms (focusing on preventing next time instead of consequencing the now), and developing understanding and empathy.

About the Author

Erica Neilson Mahoney is passionate about supporting individuals that are struggling to navigate ADHD and challenging behaviour. She works with individuals navigating these challenges in their own lives as well as parents who are looking for parenting support.

Erica is also a speaker and an educator, with workshops available and online courses coming soon.

Erica has a Bachelor of Education with a minor in Early Childhood Education; a Master of Education in Curriculum with a focus on supporting diverse learners, and her ADHD coaching certificate with the Professional Association for ADHD Coaches (PAAC) approved program at Live ADHD Free.

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$9.00 USD