Parenting in the Digital Age

Planning for Healthy Screen Use: An e-Book

What is clear is that our children are growing up in a digital age.

Screens are tools with a multitude of both positive and negative impacts. Our children will engage with technology as they grow and develop in ways we can’t even currently imagine.

The goal of this e-book is not to scare parents and children away from using screens, but to empower parents as they find ways to support their children in creating healthy life long screen relationships.

Planning for Healthy Screen Use

Screen time studies have mixed ideas on how exactly screens impact development. A big part of this is because a lot of this science is ongoing and in progress. Recommendations vary from study to study and country to country. Often recommendations simply set time parameters, but don’t have actual science to back up the numbers stated. This is why I recommend a more nuanced and holistic approach.

This e-book contains all my recommendations and tips to inform you on how to plan for healthy screen use in the digital age.

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Book Chapters:

  1. Introduction: Screens and Development
  2. ADHD and Screens
  3. Before You Make a Screen Use Plan
  4. Making a Screen Use Plan
  5. Parental Tools
  6. Digital Safety
  7. Resources

About the Author

Erica Neilson Mahoney is passionate about supporting individuals that are struggling to navigate ADHD and challenging behaviour. She works with individuals navigating these challenges in their own lives as well as parents who are looking for parenting support.

Erica is also a speaker and an educator, with workshops available and online courses coming soon.

Erica has a Bachelor of Education with a minor in Early Childhood Education; a Master of Education in Curriculum with a focus on supporting diverse learners, and her ADHD coaching certificate with the Professional Association for ADHD Coaches (PAAC) approved program at Live ADHD Free.

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Image of Parenting in the Digital Age e-book

Screens and ADHD

The research on screen use and ADHD is an ever evolving field. Early studies tried to prove that too much screen time actually caused ADHD. What we have learned since then is that the link between ADHD and screens is correlational and nuanced as opposed to causational.

Using screens does not cause ADHD, but the intersection of screen use with ADHD symptoms can lead to challenges. This means that thoughtfully planning expectations around screen time in a home that is also managing ADHD is important.

Remember that supporting your children to establish healthy screen plans and boundaries is a life long skill! The Parenting in the Digital Age e-book contains further food for thought on this issue.

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