5-Week Group Program for Parents

“After working with Erica, our morning routine is no longer stressful for me or my son. Starting our weekdays without the tears and arguments, has had a huge impact on everyone’s day.”

~ Mom of a 11 year old with ADHD-like symptoms. 1:1 client.

Join the 5-Week Group Program for Parents

My main mission as an ADHD and behaviour coach is to holistically support parents and their children as they undertake a journey of understanding, strategy implementation, and relationship building; creating calmer homes and happier families.

I love my 1:1 clients and I will continue to offer this option, but I am so excited to expand my offerings to allow for engagement with more parents and children! I am happy to announce that Neilson Mahoney Coaching is now offering virtual small group 5-week programs for parents of children with ADHD.

Note: The next program is date has not yet been announced.

neilson mahoney adhd coaching
“I didn’t understand that ADHD is more than just trouble focusing. After learning about the science behind ADHD it is so much easier to deal with my daughter’s behaviour. I am less frustrated and our relationship is already stronger.”
~ Mom of a 10 year old daughter with diagnosed ADHD. 1:1 client

Join the Group!

Stay tuned for future announcements regarding the next opportunity to join this group. At this time there are no upcoming dates set.

If you are:

A parent of a school-aged child diagnosed or suspected of having ADHD and you are:

    1. Struggling to understand why your child with ADHD behaves the way they do.
    2. Facing roadblocks with the school system such as an unhappy child, frequent phone calls home, disappointing report cards, and peer conflict.
    3. Managing challenging behaviours, stress, and feelings of overwhelm in the home.

Then this program is a great fit for you!

As a collaborative small group we will dive into:

    1. Developing a deep understanding of the ADHD brain.
    2. How to navigate, advocate, and support learning within the school system.
    3. Strategies and Structures to create calm in the home, manage anxiety, and strengthen relationships.

“We implemented a weekend rhythm like you suggested and it is making our weekends so much easier. I didn’t realise how much we all needed scheduled quiet time. And how much (name) needed to know the plan ahead of time.”

~ Mom of a 12 year old son with diagnosed ADHD and anxiety.

The Details:

Next Launch Date: TBD


Five weekly group Zoom calls for enrolled parents. This will be an evening offering and we will likely run on Monday evenings. Survey to determine best date and time will follow registration. *Zoom sessions will be recorded and saved in case any participants miss a session.


This group program will run for $450 CAD per parent or couple. This cost includes pdf resources.

Add On:

For participants that want to extend their learning further or include their children in the process, I offer a 15% discount on any 1:1 coaching sessions or packages purchased during the program.

“In a very short period of time, Erica has brought our family  very useful knowledge, insight, clarity, hope and tools/strategies that will help our 10 year old son with adhd to have success in the classroom at school, with his friendships and in our home life.”
~ Parents of a 10 year old son with diagnosed ADHD. 1:1 client

Group Program Snapshot

Each group session will explore one of the modules below. We will learn together by exploring module content, but also by engaging together and problem solving situations brought to the group by each family.

Week 1 - Brain Basics

Brain Basics: We will take a deep dive into the ADHD brain and what this means for understanding, empathy, and creating supports.

Week 2 - School Struggles

School Struggles: We will explore navigating the school system, how to best advocate for your child, and how to teach your child to advocate for themselves.

Week 3 - Creating Calm

Creating Calm: We will dig into strategies and structures that support the ADHD brain and calm down the nervous system.

Week 4 - Negative Thinking

Negative Thinking: We will explore strategies and tools to counteract negative self talk, obsessive thinking, and low self-esteem.

Week 5 - Relationships

Relationships: We will consider home based strategies for supporting sibling relationships and parent child relationships. This will be followed by strategies and tools to support your child as they pursue and maintain social relationships.

Join the Group!

Stay tuned for future announcements regarding the next opportunity to join this group. At this time there are no upcoming dates set.