Group Programs

Group Programs are Available for Parents and Individuals

[EDIT THIS] One of the biggest changes coming this fall is that Neilson Mahoney Coaching will no longer work with children one-on-one. This does not include senior highschool students and University students, I will be reserving a limited number of spaces for students in this season of life. Making the choice to pause working with younger children with ADHD was incredibly difficult as this is such a rewarding part of my work. I have learned in my years of practice as an ADHD coach that supporting parents and educators has the most significant impact and as my practice has grown, that is where I feel called to focus my time. My goal is to educate the adults supporting children with ADHD to create understanding and empathy and build supportive environments for children to thrive. I am excited to offer several options for parents throughout this coming school year at multiple price points and at a higher availability due to this change.

Option One: Parenting Group Program

I am so excited to be offering my parenting group program again this year. This is a 6 week week program for parents of children and teens with ADHD. We will meet on a weekday evening for 60-90 minutes 6 times in a small group. These are truly small groups, I keep the sizes very limited! The goal is to create community with other parents navigating a similar road and learning together. Some of the topics we will be covering include:

  • Understanding ADHD and Brain Basics
  • Supporting School
  • Creating Calm at Home
  • Escalations and Meltdowns
  • Sensory Sensitivity and ADHD
  • Overwhelm, Anxiety, and Rejection Sensitivity
  • Parenting in the Digital Age – Screen Time and ADHD

If you are interested in joining the waitlist for this fall’s program sign up below. This link is being offered to my current waitlist first to ensure that those that have been waiting for support have access first.