Digital Offerings

Learn, Navigate, and Thrive with ADHD

Parenting children with ADHD doesn’t have to be so hard. Build understanding and develop strategies to support your child’s unique brain. Courses and e-Books are designed to help you confidently parent a thriving child with ADHD.

I absolutely love working 1:1 with parents of children with ADHD. As my practice and subsequent waitlist became full I knew I needed a more efficient way to help people learn how to thrive with ADHD in their lives.

And so, the Neilson Mahoney Coaching e-books and online courses were born! Some of these resources are free and some are priced as affordably as I could… and my goal is for all of them to be filled to the brim with ADHD-related gold nuggets. Here’s the summary:


Image of Parenting in the Digital Age e-book

Parenting in the Digital Age

This free e-book contains all my recommendations and tips to inform you on how to plan for healthy screen use in the digital age. Click to learn more and to download your copy.

Image of Parenting in the Digital Age e-book

Supporting ADHD at School

Learn to confidently communicate about ADHD and how it impacts your child at school to the educators, coaches, and mentors who teach your child. Click to purchase your copy.

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Understanding & Empowering

A Parent’s Guide to Supporting ADHD at Home

Neilson Mahoney Coaching is pleased to offer this in-depth self-paced online course. Parenting ADHD at Home looks at areas of struggle at home through the lens of ADHD and then support with lots of understanding, validation, and targeted support plans. Click to learn more and start learning.

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