Adult Program

6-Week Group Program for Adults with ADHD

“I’ve had lots of appointments lately between my doctor, a psychiatrist and a counsellor and the difference between talking to you and them was night and day. I’ve never felt so seen or understood before and that made me feel so good and really helped me move forward on this journey!”

~ Laura, Adult with ADHD

Join The 6-Week Group Program for Adults

My mission as an ADHD coach is to support individuals of all ages as they navigate life with an ADHD diagnosis. My method starts with creating a deep understanding of the ADHD brain, using this understanding as a framework for developing supportive structures, and strategies, and then digging deep into values, beliefs, and goal setting to move from stuck and overwhelmed to thriving.

A frequent scenario in my practice is to meet adults that have been diagnosed late in life, sometimes even in the midst of having their child diagnosed. Receiving this diagnosis in adulthood can be foundation shaking. Looking back at your life through this new lens can lead to grief and a sense of overwhelm. Previous diagnoses of anxiety or depression, social challenges, difficulty at school, lost jobs, and strained relationships, can all look different with this new perspective and diagnosis. If this is you, then this program is the perfect fit for you. We will work together to shift deep set beliefs through this new ADHD lens and figure out how to move forward focused on strengths.

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“I thought that getting the ADHD diagnosis and starting medication would solve everything that I was struggling with. What I didn’t expect was the grief of looking back at my history or that medication would only help so much. After working with Erica I understand so much more about ADHD and what I need to do to be happy and healthy.”
~ Katie, Adult with ADHD

Join the Group!

Stay tuned for future announcements regarding the next opportunity to join this group. At this time there are no upcoming dates set.

If you are:

An adult diagnosed with ADHD or suspected to have ADHD and you are:

    1. New to the diagnosis and overwhelmed with where to start.
    2. Struggling with anxiety and depression connected to your ADHD.
    3. Navigating symptoms such as challenges with executive functioning (eg. organization, planning, time management, impulsivity, and emotional regulation).

Then this program is a great fit for you!

As a collaborative small group we will dive into:

    1. Developing a deep understanding of the ADHD brain.
    2. How to navigate the grief, anxiety, and overwhelm that can come alongside ADHD.
    3. Strategies and structures to create calm in your life, strengthen relationships, and support you in thriving as you work towards your goals.

“I have always suspected that I had ADHD, but was scared of the label. I now understand that there is nothing wrong with my ADHD brain. I just needed to learn how to increase motivation and support my executive functions.”

~ Matt, Adult with ADHD

The Details:

Next Launch Date: TBD


Six weekly group Zoom calls for participants and one 1:1 coaching appointment. We will run 3 weeks on Tuesday evenings, take one week off for 1:1 appointments, and then finish strong with 3 more weekly calls. *Zoom sessions will be recorded and saved in case any participants miss a session.


This group program will run for $550 per adult. This cost includes a workbook book that you will be able to work through as you complete the program.

Add On:

For participants that want to extend their learning further. I offer a 15% discount on any 1:1 coaching sessions purchased during or immediately after the program.

Join the Group!

Stay tuned for future announcements regarding the next opportunity to join this group. At this time there are no upcoming dates set.

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