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My name is Erica and I am passionate about supporting individuals that are struggling to navigate ADHD and challenging behaviour. I work with individuals navigating these challenges in their own lives as well as parents who are looking for parenting support.

Neilson Mahoney Coaching

is the culmination of my personal and professional journeys.

First, I am the very proud mother of two beautiful young girls. Our family loves to spend time in nature, eat healthy food, and spend time with each other and our extended family.

Second, I am an educator with specialized education and experience working with children and adolescents managing challenging behaviour. This experience working one on one with students managing ADHD, mental health diagnoses, and a history of school challenges has shaped how I navigate all aspects of my life, personal and professional.

My parenting journey is the driving inspiration to shift professional focus. Parenting is wonderful and challenging and I have learned that my professional background so deeply supports my ability to navigate mental health and behaviours that appear in my own family. This discovery inspired me to undergo further training and start this business to support other parents in my community.

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In addition to parenting my girls and coaching, I have over a decade of experience as an educator. I worked as a classroom teacher at Elementary, Middle, and Highschool levels for several years before undergoing further training and shifting into supporting students one on one as a Behaviour Intervention Teacher. In this role I worked in an Alternate Education Center with 12-19 year old students with Behaviour or Mental Health designations. The students I worked with struggled with ADHD, anxiety, other mental health diagnoses. They also struggled with internal and externalizing behaviours and the impact of these behaviours on their schooling. I wrote Individual Education Plans, collaborated with school and community supports, created support and safety plans, and implemented adaptations. But, most of all I built relationships with students and helped them navigate their pathway to graduation and beyond.

This Behaviour Intervention Teacher position informed my Masters of Education work, where I delved deeply into the theory behind educating from a position of care. If you explore my blog, you will see a post, “Caring and Children” which dives into my background and the theory behind this approach. Essentially, working from a position of care means actively listening, respecting, and caring about every child and adult I work with. This position of working from a place of care, was the second piece of inspiration for my coaching practice.

When we truly care about an individual we learn about their needs, strengths, and interests.

As I found increasing success supporting students struggling within the school system. I realized I wanted to continue to work with behaviour and ADHD, but that I wanted a different kind of reach and impact. I love working with parents parenting young children just before or as they are entering the school system. By establishing structures, caring strategies, and ensuring school supports early you can shift the path at a critical age.

I also love working with adults who are navigating ADHD themselves in their homes, workplaces, and as parents.

Finally, I love working with adolescents and young adults as they are navigating independence and their own mental health through huge life changes such as graduation, first jobs, and post-secondary.

My educational background includes

A Bachelor of Education with a minor in Early Childhood Education; a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Language and Literacy Education; a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Inclusive Education; and a Master of Education in Curriculum with a focus on supporting diverse learners.

In August 2020, I completed my ADHD coaching certificate via a Professional Association for ADHD Coaches (PAAC) approved program at Live ADHD Free.

Finally, I am a trained provider of Dan Duncan’s ADHD Inside Out Coaching Framework.

Let’s work together to create a plan.

Please take a look at my blog for helpful resources. I would love to meet with you for a free consultation and help you decide whether coaching is the right step for your family.

Strengths Based ADHD and Behaviour Coaching

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