I am here to support you.

I have extensive personal and professional experience as a parent, educator, and coach supporting children, youth, and adults with ADHD, behaviour challenges, and anxiety.

I understand that visiting this site might be just one stop along a long road of doctor’s appointments, parent/teacher meetings, and medication attempts. I hope that we can work together to make a plan that is successful for you and/or your family.

neilson mahoney adhd coaching

I offer several support options:

1. Parent and Child Coaching for parents and their school aged children.

2. Individual Coaching for Adolescents, Young Adults, and Adults.

3. Small Group Programs for Parents or Adults.

4. Webinars on a variety of topics.

Parent and Child ADHD Coaching

For parent and child coaching, I use a positive behavioural approach that considers the strengths and needs of you, the parent/s as well as the strengths and needs of your child/ren. This style of coaching usually includes a combination of parenting sessions and child focused parent and child sessions. Some areas that we can explore are the home environment, the school environment, structure, routines, specific strategies and holistic approaches (including nutrition). I can even coach you through gaining more support from your child’s school including the IEP process for designated students and I can attend school meetings. Your child does not need a specific diagnosis for us to work together. I also offer education and background on ADHD itself for parents and their child to develop a deeper awareness and understanding of why ADHD symptoms occur. Parent and Child coaching is for school-aged children. See Coaching Services page for more details.

Individual ADHD Coaching

For individual coaching for adolescents, young adults, and adults we can also explore the home environment as well as the school or work environment. We will explore your strengths and build in structure, strategies, and routines that play to those strengths. My focus is to always actively problem solve together. We will use strategies and techniques that are based on brain based understanding of ADHD as the backbone for our work. We can talk about the supports available from secondary and post-secondary institutions. We can also talk about advocating for accommodations and supports in the workplace. We will work together to assess what is going on in your life and make a plan with goals that work well for you. Each session is followed up with a goal/to do list emailed to your inbox. 

Parenting Behaviour Coaching

If your child does not have a diagnosis, but you are looking for support navigating your child’s internalized or externalized behaviours, parenting coaching might be a good fit for you.  We can work together to set goals and implement strategies to create a calmer home and more successful school experience for your child. Common areas of struggle that I work with include: anxiety, emotional regulation, executive functioning challenges and explosive behaviour. See my Coaching Services page for further details.

Research shows that coaching does help children and adults with ADHD! Check out what CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD) has to say about coaching here: 

Coaching can be a complimentary intervention alongside medication or it can be a stand alone intervention for families wishing to pursue non-pharmacological steps. My target is to help you and your family thrive. By focusing on strengths and with a deep understanding of the brain we can tailor a plan that leads to success and the meeting of goals.

Strengths Based ADHD and Behaviour Coaching

Check out my Services options to learn about the different programs or services that you can sign up for. To work with me, we will begin with a 15 minute free consultation to discuss your needs and answer any questions.

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