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Strengths Based ADHD and Behaviour Coaching

Parenting Coaching and Individual Coaching for All Ages

If you or someone you love is struggling with ADHD or challenging behaviour. Neilson Mahoney Coaching is here to support you.

I provide:

Parenting Coaching for Parents struggling to support children with ADHD and challenging behaviours.


Strengths Based ADHD and Behaviour Coaching for Adolescents, Young Adults, and Adults.

A diagnosis of ADHD or any other disorder is not needed. If you are feeling overwhelmed and in need of parenting or life support, reach out for a free consultation and we can see if Neilson Mahoney Coaching is the right fit for you.

With over a decade of experience as an educator…

Specialized training and experience as a behaviour specialist, a Master of Education degree, ADHD Coach certification, and ADHD Inside Out training, I have the tools to help you to meet your goals.

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We will focus on strengths, needs, and interests to shape a unique plan that is tailored to you and your strengths, or your child, your family, and your parenting style.

This plan will be based on ADHD and behavioural techniques, strategies, and science, but most importantly will be tailored to what works for you or your child.

You can read more about the coaching process here:

I understand that parenting a child with ADHD and/or challenging behaviour is difficult.

As is managing these challenges if you are the one with the diagnosis.
Coaching might be one more item you are considering after you have already explored doctors, counsellors, medication, and parent/teacher meetings.

Challenges in school, dealing with negative social responses, disorganization, strained family relationships,anxiety, stress, and constantly feeling like you or your child aren’t meeting their full potential are all possible struggles.


I am here to help!

Strengths Based ADHD and Behaviour Coaching

Check out my Services pages to sign up for a preliminary bundle of appointments and for more details. You can also sign up for a 15 minute free consultation to discuss your needs.


I look forward to hearing from you.