ADHD Coaching & Education

Neilson Mahoney Coaching is a Virtual Clinic Working with Clients Around the World

A Seasoned ADHD Coach and Educator, Erica Offers Tailored 1:1 Coaching, Comprehensive Online Courses, and Interactive Workshops.

Our mission is to create calm from chaos by building understanding and implementing actionable strategies. Erica utilizes a positive neurodiversity-affirming lens to view her work with ADHD.

All coaching, workshops, and courses focus on 3 pillars of support:

  • Executive Functioning
  • Overwhelm
  • Motivation

Holistic support in these areas leads to strengthened relationships, increased self-confidence, goals met at home, work and school, and a sensation of ease.

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Are you an ADHD Parent?

Check out my new online course: Chaos to Calm. Chaos to Calm is designed to help you confidently support your child with evidence-based strategies that have already helped hundreds of families. This course is perfect for parents seeking more peace and understanding in their parenting journey. 


Highly recommend Erica for parents!

In a very short period of time, Erica has brought our family very useful knowledge, insight, clarity, hope and tools/strategies that will help our 10 year old son with adhd to have success in the classroom at school, with his friendships and in our home life.
She asks the right questions, recognizes our son’s strengths, understands his challenges/sensitivities, knows the school system really well, understands & communicates well with both kids and adults and has supported us to navigate and advocate for his success.
~ Parents of a 10 year old son with diagnosed ADHD – 1:1 client

After working with hundreds of individuals with ADHD

And specialized training and experience as a behaviour specialist, a Master of Education degree, ADHD Coach Certification and over a decade of experience as an educator, I have the tools to help you to meet your goals.

Read more about my background here:

I offer 1:1 coaching to teens, young adults, and adults with ADHD. I also provide 1:1 parenting support to parents parenting children with ADHD. Check for availability here.

I offer online courses to parents parenting children with ADHD. Check out the courses here.

Additional educational options include workshops and e-books.

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“Erica’s Approach is Fun, Sustainable, and Client Centered”

“As an adult with late diagnosed ADHD, working with Erica has been an actual gamechanger. Within just a few sessions with Erica my life was already feeling substantially more balanced, intentional and manageable.

She has worked with me to implement truly effective strategies and mindsets that are specifically tailored to my own challenges, needs and wants. I’ve gained so much clarity about how my brain works, how to recognize & manage my symptoms and also how to leverage my strengths.

Just a few of the benefits I’ve enjoyed since beginning work with Erica include: no longer feeling guilty all of the time, feeling substantially less overwhelm, working fewer hours but getting way more done, elevating the quality of my social and leisure time, having the brain space to focus on and enjoy my personal life, crushing my financial goals, saying no more often, being more likely to arrive places on time, and trusting that the improvements I’ve made are going to stick long term.

Erica’s approach is fun, sustainable, and client centered. If you want to learn how to ride the waves of ADHD, make major gains in self esteem, and create more ease in your life, I can not recommend Erica enough.”

~ 1:1 Adult Client