ADHD and Behaviour Coaching and Support

For Parents, Children, and Individuals

We are a virtual clinic that serves individuals across North America.

My main mission as an ADHD and behaviour coach is to holistically support clients as they undertake a journey of understanding, strategy implementation, and relationship building; creating calmer homes and happier families.

I provide:

ADHD and behaviour coaching for Parents, Children, and Individuals of all ages.

Parent and Child ADHD Coaching for School-Aged Children is one popular option. If you are interested in working together with your child to address areas of struggle at school and at home, while developing a deeper understanding of the ADHD brain, I would love to work with you.

Adult  ADHD Coaching is another popular choice. If you are looking for deep understanding about the impact of ADHD on your work, life, and relationships, while developing strategies and accountability, I would love to work with you.

A diagnosis of ADHD or any other disorder is not needed. Book a free consultation to see if Neilson Mahoney Coaching is right for you.

With over a decade of experience as an educator…

Specialized training and experience as a behaviour specialist, a Master of Education degree, ADHD Coach certification, and ADHD Inside Out training, I have the tools to help you to meet your goals.

Read more about my background here: 

We will focus on strengths, needs, and interests to shape a unique plan that is tailored to you and your strengths, or your child, your family, and your parenting style.

This plan will be based on ADHD and behavioural techniques, strategies, and science, but most importantly will be tailored to what works for each individual client.

You can read more about the coaching process here:

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Highly recommend Erica for both kids and parents!

In a very short period of time, Erica has brought our family very useful knowledge, insight, clarity, hope and tools/strategies that will help our 10 year old son with adhd to have success in the classroom at school, with his friendships and in our home life.
She asks the right questions, recognizes our son’s strengths, understands his challenges/sensitivities, knows the school system really well, understands & communicates well with both kids and adults and has supported us to navigate and advocate for his success.
~ Parents of a 10 year old son with diagnosed ADHD – 1:1 client

I understand that life with ADHD is difficult…

Whether you are parenting a child with ADHD or managing these challenges if you are the one with the diagnosis.

Coaching might be one more item you are considering after you have already explored doctors, counsellors, medication, and parent/teacher meetings.

Challenges in school, dealing with negative social responses, disorganization, strained family relationships, anxiety, stress, and constantly feeling like you or your child aren’t meeting their full potential are all possible struggles.


I am here to help!

Strengths Based ADHD and Behaviour Coaching

Check out my Services options to learn about the different programs or services that you can sign up for. To work with me, we will begin with a 15 minute free consultation to discuss your needs and answer any questions. To begin this process, please add yourself to my waitlist using the button below, and choose the earliest available timeslot to ensure you are next in line.


I look forward to hearing from you.